Turkey is a vast of good scenery and natural beauty. There are 4 seasons in Turkey; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. All of the seasons are beautiful but there is one pearl of them all, Autumn. In Autumn, there are orange-colored leaves everywhere. It doesn’t rain much, the temperature is ideal and windy. The months are as important as the season. October and November are the most beautiful months of the year to shoot. It makes us feel the autumn atmosphere. You can feel, the summer is has passed and we are slowly entering the winter. We start to see the world around us change in colors, in clothing and there would be differences even in social media. We would see a book-coffee-blanket photo rather than sun-sea-sand on Facebook or Instagram, it means we are in October. Of course, we have never been in favor of spending the winter hiding under a blanket. When the crowded human voices of the summer are replaced by the whistles of the wind you can have the atmosphere to shoot more freely. Just like springtime in October or November, the air wouldn’t be too hot or cold. There would be a nice wind flowing over your ear. Because vacation time is over there would be enough space and time to shoot freely in the most crowded places of summer every vacationer would be back home. Other than comfort and easiness of the conditions, there is always the fact of beauty. The scenes of October would be more romantic, and deep.

You might think about COVID and how would shooting in a foreign land be in October. First of all, although we had a rough winter, all of us learned how to protect ourselves and cope with the situation. We take high health and safety measurements for a safe and healthy set. But if you are feeling a little bit insecure about this we can always serve you online. With the streaming system we have, you can manage your shooting from the comfort of your hometown simultaneously. You can watch whatever the director monitor is viewing and be in control of everything.

As your production company in Turkey, we highly recommend shooting in October or November in Turkey. Let the beautiful autumn lights, color your shootings.