Line Production

LPT line produces your films by offering a wide spectrum of film and television equipment, multiple language speaking crews for your needs, trained manpower, all logistics including wide ranging lodging –boarding, transportation, all production related services and support anywhere in Turkey.

Location Scouting and Shooting Permission

LPT searches the best location options for your project. We even guide you on the best seasons to shoot, lighting conditions, and with logistics availability at the location. After selecting the perfect location for your shoot. We organise permissions necessary to for a shooting permision.

Technical Team and Equipment

LPT provides the right and the best equipments that is needed for the project. From an action movie project to a Tabletop commercial shoot we know which right team and equipments are needed for a successful project. We listen to you and we work with you as partners to understand the target amd goal of the project so it could be produced excellently.


No matter where you are or how far you are, we are always close to you to make your project happen. If your project needs a creative leadership, we are ready to present you the right directors. We have a huge network of directors to find the right creative leadership for your project.

Post Production

Turkey, is one the perfect countries to finalize your projects. LPT works with the best post production companies in Istanbul. We provide a high quality post production services from offline to online. Editing, Color Grading, VFX, 2D & 3D Graphic Animation, Sound Design –  Dubbing and many services that is needed for a perfect final film.

Security , Guidance and Help

We provide security not only for the cast and crew but also the equipment, packing and maintenance. We guide, help and organise film locations, visa facilitation, subsidies and grants (if available), production and post-production facilities, ticketing, catering, transportation, production team, technical team, creative team, technical equipments, budgeting and anything about filming.

Budgeting And Agreements

We are a line production company who cares first about the project’s needs and targets. At same time we try to understand the creative aim of the project. We build up a creative production design in our minds before we start to write the numbers of the budget. After we are clean in our minds, we start to write the numbers in a transparent way. Working creatively, honestly and solution targetly is who we are and what we want always. We want to give the best comfortable mindset for our clients when we have an agreement together. Agreements are papers, but trust is a treasure that is very important for us.

Cash Rebate

Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey has a new implementation which is just for foreign customers. If you are planning to shoot; Feature Film, Documentaries or TV series, the government gives rebates up to %30. For more information please click the link: