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Line Production Turkey specializes in providing comprehensive film production services, offering seamless support for projects across the globe.


Qantas Safety Video

Production Company:Positive Ape
Line Production:Line Production Turkey

Four More Shots, Please!

Client:Prime Video
Production Company:Pritish Nandy Communications
Locations:Istanbul, Cityscape, Historical & Ruins
Country:India, USA
Type:Web Series
Line Production:Line Production Turkey

J. Fragrances Ruler

Client:J. Fragrances
Production Company:Darang Production
Locations:Istanbul, Cityscape, Nature & Landscape
Line Production:Line Production Turkey

Al Jazeera, World Cup 101

Client:Al Jazeera
Production Company:Deimos Pictures
Type:Social Media Series
Line Production:Line Production Turkey

Deadline Day

Production Company:Pitch International
Line Production:Line Production Turkey

Lego 90th Anniversary

Agency:Hobby Films
Locations:Istanbul, Cityscape

Harrdy Sandhu, Kya Baat Ay

Client:Sony Music
Production Company:Line Production Turkey
Locations:Istanbul, Cityscape
Type:Music Video
Line Production:Line Production Turkey


Locations:Istanbul, Cityscape
Type:Music Video


Locations:Istanbul, Cityscape
Type:Feature Film

We invite you to unleash your creativity amidst Turkey’s mesmerizing backdrop.Our production company offers seamless support for international filmmakers.


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Original Content

At our core, we are dedicated filmmakers with a passion for creating compelling stories that resonate. While our expertise lies in providing top-notch line production services, we also thrive on the creative challenge of developing and producing original content.

With a talented team of writers, directors, and producers, we bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. From brainstorming concepts to scripting, casting, production, and post-production, we are involved in every step of the creative process, ensuring a seamless and cohesive experience.


LPT in Turkey impresses with its remarkable efficiency and resourcefulness, forming a powerhouse team in just a week and delivering a short film within three weeks. The team’s quick-handed problem-solving skills, coupled with a hospitable and caring attitude, create a collaborative work environment. Under commendable leadership, LPT stands out as a standout company, seamlessly blending creativity and productivity.

I came to Turkey for my documentary, I left Turkey with very good friends and great experience behind. LPT delivered above and beyond my expectations.

Turkey is a beautiful country, people are very nice. Line Production Turkey hosted us very well; Provide us wonderful locations. We looking forward to make a new feature film project with LPT.

Working with Line Production Turkey was a great experience. The whole team worked really professional and delivered perfectly in every situation, no matter how challenging. And, of course, the outcome was excellent! I wouldn’t look for any other partner to work with in Turkey.

It was an absolute pleasure to partner with Line Production Turkey, a group of thoroughly professional and hardworking individuals. We saw some challenging times during our shooting spell, as is the case with any major production, but the team kept their calm and exceeded our expectations by efficiently handling such situations. Needles to say, I am very impressed with their work and would definitely team up with them next time as well.

A very great experience to work with Line Production Turkey! They are absolutely professional and thoughtful, it was such pleasure to work with them. Although the schedule was tight but they still came up with many plans and options, impressive production management and stunning problems solving skills. 

To work with them I don’t feel any pressure, just like we are family, they would try their very best to help you and provide support.

After this experience, we are more than just friends, we are brothers and sister!

The team at LPT were incredibly helpful in quickly coming together to aid our international production, executing on an essential part of our shoot as hard parameters closed in ( a lockdown). I would absolutely work with them again. They made it easy to shoot from the other side of the world.

We traveled 15 days around Turkey with my team and the Turkish team for Spice Route episode 7. The Turkish team provided us with all the locations and production services we needed. We had a great experience.

It was a wonderful and amazing experience working with LPT. Previously we have done many projects in Turkey, but it was special at this time. Not only was the entire project taken streamline prior, it has led to a successful completion at all. LPT owns it all whether you call it film making or TVC processes their team of professionals makes it happen, cost effective, efficient, and super committable highly recommended.