Deimos Brands Group was founded in December 2010. Now, here we are, December 2022. After 12 years… starting our 13th year in a new location with the same passion and excitement we had in our first year!

As Line Production Turkey, we were involved in international high-end projects this year, such as the social media program “World Cup 101” which had 140 episodes shot in our own studio. We were in charge of producing the program from script writing to postproduction for Al Jazeera Network under the sponsorship of Google.

We have line produced the “J. Fragrances: Ruler” TVC starring Burak Özçivit, a photo shoot for the brand Zara, and an interview with famous football player Dries Mertens for the TV series “The Window”. We are aiming to be part of more projects in 2023.

We have established partner offices in Italy, Brazil in addition to Hungary, Switzerland, UK, USA, China, India, Pakistan, UAE and Bulgaria. LPT is more global and experienced than ever, looking forward to expanding its connections.

As Deimos Pictures, we started to produce our own content such as feature films, documentaries, TV series and programs. We aim to create these projects for cinemas, TV, and online platforms. We want to tell stories that will touch people’s souls. This is our main goal for 2023.

As DBG, we welcome everyone with a new business plan in 2023. We are entering the tourism sector in the new year. We plan to take advantage of our global network in production and turn it into an opportunity to create a business for traveling and tourism. We are looking forward to connecting with our new clients. Bon Voyage!

Deimos Brands Group successfully achieved its 2022 goals. Now it’s time to focus on the coming year. We will keep working nonstop to put our company one step further in its 13th year. We are very excited about 2023 and we will be here a year later with all our goals achieved. DBG Family wishes everyone a year of abundant productions with health and wealth!