As Line Production Turkey, we prioritize building trust and friendship with our clients. Nothing makes us happier than having a returning client, as it shows that we are doing our job correctly, and we are thrilled to see our friends back in Turkey.

This feeling of joy and excitement was exactly what we experienced when we received a call from the senior vice president of Ary Films, Irfan Malik. We had previously shot the blockbuster feature film "Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2" with them back in 2018. Our experience working with the team was fantastic, and we were super excited to work hard on their new feature film project, "Tich Button."

"Tich Button" is produced by three major Pakistani companies: Salman Iqbal Films, ARY Films, and Shooting Star Studio.

We completed shooting the scenes that took place in turkey just in six days, and the preparation process took about three weeks. With a tight schedule and numerous locations to shoot at, it was a challenging but rewarding experience. This time, we had the pleasure of working with director Qasim Ali Mureed, who is a very down-to-earth, fun, and energetic director. His motivation and positivity on the set made the entire process enjoyable.Furthermore, working with actors Farhan Saeed, Iman Ali, and Feroze Khan was a great experience, as they were all very professional.

During the shoot, we captured iconic locations in Istanbul, such as Ortakoy and Bebek, among many others, which you will get to see when the film premieres on the big screen very soon. For now, we invite you to enjoy the trailer for "Tich Button," line produced by LPT.