Back in October, we shot two music videos for superstar Harrdy Sandhu. Following the success of the first video, "Dance Like," we are now very excited to share our experience of shooting "Jee Karr Daa," which was actually filmed before "Dance Like."

"Jee Karr Daa" is directed by the talented director group, Tru-makers. We had the opportunity to shoot the music video in two different cities: Istanbul and Cappadocia, and both cities helped capture the beauty of the song.

Our journey began when Tru Makers shared their mood board for the song. Our team conducted in-depth research and sent photos of various locations in Turkey. After several online meetings, we were almost set with the locations. When director Khushpal and his assistant came to Istanbul, we showed them the selected locations, and fortunately, they were pleased with all of them. As LPT, we were ready to bring the director's vision to life.

When Harrdy and the rest of his team joined us, we were overjoyed to see him again. We had an amazing day with our partner dance studio, going over the final rehearsals with the dancers. Harrdy's choreographers, Sahaj Chahal and Shreoshi Kumar, once again amazed us with their moves and teaching skills. Everything was slowly falling into place.

Harrdy's co-star, Amayra Dastur, impressed us with her energy and was a delight to work with.

The shooting for "Jee Karr Daa" took three days in total. We spent two days shooting in Istanbul, capturing the essence of the song in five iconic locations, and one day in Cappadocia, where we had the opportunity to film from a hot air balloon.

We genuinely enjoyed shooting "Jee Karr Daa" and hope that everyone enjoys the music video as well!

"Jee Karr Daa" is now available on all music platforms!