Incentives for Foreign Film Producers

With regard to production of cinematographic works approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, foreign film producers can receive returns of the VAT paid during procurement and import of the goods and services that they buy within the duration of film shooting.

Ankara Tax Department – Başkent Tax Office,

İstanbul Tax Department – Beyoğlu Tax Office

İzmir Tax Department – Konak Tax Office


Foreign film producers can submit their requests for VAT returns to one of the above mentioned offices.

Foreign film producers can submit their requests of VAT returns by a petition to the relevant tax office following the duration of film shooting which is designated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism expires.

VAT returns are processed on condition that a report drawn up by a certified financial accountant (CFA) is submitted.

VAT returns are finalised in 30 days following a complete CFA report is submitted.


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