Rebuild the World
with Lego

I believe most of us have a story about Lego. Either we had it to create our world, share what’s in our mind, or only play with the colors and the way they fit in. Lego opens a gate, for lots of us in their childhood; to observe and to create things without any limitation.

We were all incredibly excited to do business with one of our favorite childhood friends when we heard about the project of Lego for the first time. We started the preparations immediately with excitement. There are always different motivations for the projects we want to be a part of it. This time we felt like we were somehow connecting with our childhoods. We wanted to earn this project for Lego, which pushed the boundaries of our creativity, made us grow, made us learn to think outside of the box. The day when Hobby Film from Denmark accepted our proposal for Lego, all of us were super excited. Lego was coming to Turkey. And they agreed to be our guests. We planned every little detail to make it perfect.

Our meetings went through online video meetings, and it was the time which Covid-19 was highly effective in our lives. Hobby Film sent creative briefs and details for the children and us. They wanted the children to create a unicorn, with purely their imagination. Nobody was allowed to guide them because Lego believed in their imagination.

The foreign team came for a recce two days before the shooting, gone through the places they choose. That was the time we perfected the plan altogether. After these procedures kept going and then the shooting day came. We were highly prepared and cared about the health codes, it was a project that contained children in risky times. We took all the health precautions to make the shooting safe for everyone. Although we planned everything, there were things we weren’t waiting like rain, but success comes with great planning and the ability the stretch when necessary.  Our calculations and expectations were telling us it was supposed to rain in the afternoon but it was a rain bucket in the morning. The first scene was on the rooftop. So we quickly adjusted the situation, changed the order of the schedule in a couple of minutes. And after 2 hours of shooting the inside plans, we set our decors outside at a fast pace. Although we had not so much time to prepare everyone on the set worked in such harmony and made the roof is prepared to shoot in a couple of minutes. We were shooting the morning plans and 2 hours later fully prepared under a sunny sky. Everyone was so happy.

After shooting the first house and the first child, we continued to the second child and shot her parts. The director and the whole team made all shooting fun and easy for the children. At that time, it proved again that the team is suited for Lego’s spirit.

“Rebuild the World” is the first campaign Lego has launched in 30 years since the 80’. For a month, users showcased their builds on social media with the hashtags #RebuildTheWorld #BuildToGiveSG and #LEGO. Also, for every 50 submissions received, LEGO donated $2,000 worth of products to kids via local charities. As a continuance of the global campaign, LEGO Group has also unveiled an inspiring installation; a 4-meter globe. The globe, which is on display at LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, took 2,700 hours to build and uses over 350,000 LEGO bricks and elements. With LEGO creations sent in from all over the world, the globe acts as a joyful symbol of hope and positivity. Children using their powerful imaginations to make sense of the world, and the LEGO Group providing the opportunity to see the world through their eyes.

“Unicorns Do Exist” was a step of this campaign. Hobby Film team traveled to 5 different countries all over the world and captured the Unicorns purely created by 10 children from Ice-Land, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Istanbul. The commercial made the world see LEGO and the world from the children’s point of view. As LPT, we are so proud to be a part of this project and served our childhood hero.

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  • 11/25/20 3:55 PM