As LPT we are happy to announce that Turkey starts for international flights; that’s the green light for international productions to making in Turkey. We are awaiting you to shoot your projects in a safe process in the home of wonders. Please check at “https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/announcements/coronavirus-outbreak/current-flight-plan/index.html” for flight details.

You might say; okay flights are open, but “Why should I shoot my film in Turkey?” Well here is your answer… Before I talk about wonderful summer breeze and the perfect weather to shoot I want to talk about some financial advantages; By a support Turkish Government implied, you can have a %30 cash rebate for your shootings in Turkey. You can check; “https://www.lineproductionturkey.com/turkey-implements-cash-rebate-for-foreign-film-productions/” for details.

Turkey is a treasure of authentic historical settings and has many natural wonders waiting to be explored. From mountains of mythical beauty to inspiring waterfalls, from national parks, canyons, gardens to gigantic caverns, fairy chimneys, ancient cities and a thousand more spots yet to be explored, choosing Turkey for the shooting is choosing for extraordinary.


Imagine a country where the tranquil weather of majestic mountains meets the coziness of tropical warmth and where four seasons may be enjoyed all in a single day. Turkey offers stunning settings and sceneries for films that are eager to capture a distinctive atmosphere.

Some naturally rich cities; Artvin (Savsat Lake), Antalya (Tazı Canyon), Aksaray (The Salt Lake), Bolu (Seven Lakes), Rize (Ayder Tableland)


The Anatolian Peninsula was one of the first centers of human habitation and hosted countless civilizations and cultures throughout history. The biggest trading roads were passing through Turkey’s area; Silk Road and Spice Route. With every one passing and trading, parts of their culture stayed in these lands. Turkey is a place where the believers of three major faiths have lived in harmony and peace for centuries and cherished an atmosphere symbolizing the identical origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Some historically rich cities; Antalya (Aspendos Theatre), Istanbul (Rumeli Castle, Maiden Tower), Izmir (The Ancient City Of Ephesus), Nevşehir (Cappadocia, Underground Cities)


Turkey has a mixture of different cultures, styles, and views in architecture. If you pick to crowded cities such as Istanbul, you can have the city rush, bridges, skyscrapers but also graffiti walls, historical shops, museums, old mosques. If you pick smaller, seaside cities of Turkey, you can have old wooden houses, colorful streets, cozy fish restaurants, and small handmade boats sailing around.

Some architecturally rich cities; Nevşehir (Cappadocia), Mardin, Safranbolu (Karabük), Balıkesir (Cunda Island), Çanakkale (Bozcaada), İzmir (Alaçatı)Many will say some things are too rare or impossible to find in the same place. We say nothing is impossible in Turkey, so expect “The impossible, simple be possible in Turkey Lands”.

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