Harrdy Shandu takes
over Istanbul!

Back in October, we shoot two music videos for superstar Harrdy Shandu. After the success of the first video Dance Like, we are now very excited to share our experience of how everything went when shooting Jee Karr Daa. We shoot the music video for Jee Karr Daa before Dance Like.

Jee Karr Daa is directed by the talented director group Tru-makers. We shoot the music video in two different cities; İstanbul and Cappadocia both cities helped capture the beauty of the song.

Our journey started when Tru Makers send us their mood board for the song. Our team did in-depth research, sending photos of different locations in Turkey. After many online meetings, we were almost set with the locations. When director Khushpal and his assistant come to Istanbul. We showed him the locations he has picked before thankfully he was happy with all the locations. And as LPT we were ready to deliver the directors vision.

When Harrdy and rest of his team joined us, we were very happy to see him again. We had an amazing day with our partner dance studio going over last rehearsals with dancers. Harrdy’s cartographers Sahaj Chahal and Shreoshi Kumar amazed us once again with their moves and teaching skills. Everything was slowly coming together.

Harrdy’s co-star Amayra Dastur killed it with her energy, she was lovely to work with.

Jee Karr Daa overall took three days to shoot. Two days in Istanbul; we shoot in five iconic locations and one day in Cappadocia where we flew with a hot air balloon.

We really enjoyed shooting Jee Karr Daa, hope everyone enjoys the music video!

Jee Karr Daa is now available in all music platforms!

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  • 03/6/20 12:11 PM