Bolt | High Speed Cinebot

Bolt High Speed Cinebot
is Now in Turkey

Line Production Turkey is now offering the Bolt Cinebot services along with a wide array of world famous bolt operators and directors for TV commercials and feature films.



About Bolt Cinebot

The Bolt high-speed Cinebot – for precise camera moves at ultra high speeds!

Bolt has the ability to get up to speed instantly. The high speed camera robot can move from standstill to high-speed motion and back again in fractions of a second. With the Bolt arm, the camera can literally follow falling objects and capture images that would be impossible by hand or any other method.




Together with the academy award winning software, the rig allows for moves that would otherwise be very difficult or time consuming to create or program to be ready in seconds.

MRMC can provide a large range of different sized robotic systems to allow for any payload from 1kg to 1000kg, while giving a full 6 degrees-of-freedom, at speeds that can literally be faster than the eye can see.

Reference Videos of Bolt

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